There's a lot that makes us different from most of the lawyers in Lubbock.
Rod Hobson, Criminal Defense Attorney At Law

Rod Hobson

Criminal Defense Attorney At Law

Kris Espino, Criminal Defense Attorney At Law

Kris Espino

Criminal Defense Attorney At Law

Who We Are & What We Stand For

Anyone who has ever been a child on a playground knows that you can’t give yourself your own nickname. It’s something that has to be earned (good or bad) and it usually comes from your friends (or enemies). So why is that some lawyers think they can just slap a nickname on a billboard and expect the public to take it seriously?

The answer is that some lawyers are all about marketing and promotion and are more concerned with trying to sell you on an image than actually working for you. However, at the Law Offices of Rod Hobson and Kris Espino, we believe that a criminal case carries too much weight to be trusted to some gimmicky lawyer with a cheesy nickname and no game.

The Law Offices of Rod Hobson and Kris Espino located at 816 Main St in Lubbock, Texas

We Are Not Salesman

Rod Hobson and Kris Espino are not salesmen. We are not alchemists who are trying to convince you that chickenshit is actually chicken salad. We are experienced criminal defense lawyers who are not afraid to fight for the rights of the accused. There are no nicknames, no late night commercials, no propaganda books that were ghostwritten by other people, and no direct mail fliers trying to scare you into hiring us. Instead, we rely on our reputations as the source of our business.

“You are not going to hear what I think you want to hear. You are going to hear what I think will happen to your case based on my knowledge and experience.”

We Only Practice Criminal Defense

This is not an office that dabbles in a little of everything. We only practice criminal defense law. We do not accept court appointed cases which means we can actually devote the proper amount of time and attention to our clients’ cases. We pride ourselves in actually knowing our clients’ stories and treating them as people, and not some number on a file. This is not an office where your lawyers hide behind paralegals and form books. We are accessible and personally involved in every step of the process.

“We are not plea lawyers. We are trial attorneys. You can get a plea lawyer a lot cheaper. At this price you get an attorney who fights for you.”

We Are Truly Invested In Every Case

The bottom line is that we are not here to sell you anything. The purpose of this website is to provide information to people who are interested in seeking our services. We never charge for phone calls and every consultation is absolutely free. If you are facing a criminal prosecution we recommend you hire a lawyer with a proven reputation for integrity and tenacity, and we welcome the opportunity to earn your business. Let us start working on your case today!

Most importantly, at 816 Main Street you won’t find any self-given nicknames, just hard-earned reputations.