Removing or Limiting Access to Criminal Records

Expunctions & Orders of Nondisclosure


Often times an attorney will tell a client that a criminal charge will not be on their record when it did not result in a final conviction. While technically true, just because of a person was never convicted does not mean that his or her record is clear. That is where an expunction or an order of nondisclosure can serve a very important person.

If eligible, they will allow you to legally deny that you were ever arrested for an offense. We’ve helped out several people applying for graduate schools, professional licenses, and new jobs by keeping them from having to disclose anything about a prior arrest.

The best part about them is that most of the time we can make it through the process without the client being present. We’ve managed to get arrests expunged for people who now live as far away as California and for arrests that took place decades in the past.

Don’t let a misunderstanding from the past affect your future.